Vote for Clive Smith - Ward 4

for Positive Change

Comprehensive Review of services


Infrastructure PLAN

Prioritize services to assist not for profits

We need to do a comprehensive audit of all services provided by the City. Eliminate all non core services. Should the city be in the food services business?

Our not for profit groups and neighbourhood associations are the backbone of our city and require more support. We need to help then secure grants, scheduling & event planning.  

No more closed door meetings. We need to be honest with the citizens of Waterloo. Why did our legal council not advise City Council the RIM Park lawsuit should not be pursued? or did they?

Why are we waiting until 2016 for staff to prepare an infrastructure plan. Roads have  been evaluated and repairs and/or replacements can begin today.

Enhanced RIM Park

"I will push for enhancements to rim park including the addition of a splash pad and bmx dirt track in partnership with the private sector and without using any taxpayers dollars." ​

News Issues


"a vote for Clive is a vote  for a better Waterloo. His vision and leadership is second to none.” 

Chuck Williams

Principal St Lukes -retired

On October 27th Vote for Positive Change
​Vote for Clive Smith